Privacy Policy

Welcome to Carnation Caskets’ Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement details the data collection, utilization, and distribution practices of Carnation Caskets and its affiliate and subsidiary companies concerning its World Wide Web site found at (“Site”). The following information only pertains to data that has been collected directly from or through the Site. It excludes any data collected from offline avenues such as personal delivery, postal mail, facsimile, telephone, and traditional media.

If Carnation Caskets wishes to make any alterations to this Privacy Statement, the changes may be found on this page, allowing site visitors continuous access to information surrounding the data that has been collected, what it may be used for and whom the data collected might be shared with. Regularly check this page for any alterations as Carnation Caskets reserves the right to alter, add or remove sections of this Privacy Statement whenever it is deemed fit to do so.

Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information from Site Visitors

Carnation Caskets reserves the right to gather or track the following information: 1) e-mail addresses that have been provided through correspondence with visitors to the Site. 2) details that have been divulged by Site visitors when filling in online forms, submitting queries via email, reaching out via the “Contact Us” page of the Site, and other online forms of communication. This includes, but is not restricted to, personal profile, business profile, and demographic data. 3) Information unique to each visitor’s device such as, the home server domain names, e-mail addresses, type of client computer, files downloaded, search engine used, operating system, and type of Web browser of visitors to the Site, and (4) accumulate information unique to each visitor stating which pages of the Site they choose to visit.

Carnation Caskets may insert “cookies” on visitors’ hard drives. If visitors wish to, they may decline any cookies using the features made available to do so by their chosen browser. Cookies are enabled to store the data of each visitor to learn the preferences of the visitor and to tailor their experience on the website according to these preferences if they choose to revisit the Site. The data that internet cookies save includes the name of the visitor, their password, shopping cart, inventory, username, the pages of the Site they have viewed, and their screen preferences.

Carnation Caskets may use Web bugs that collect, cache and track data on the period of your visit, and the activity performed on the Site. Examples of data a web bug may collect include, your computer’s IP address, what time you viewed a web page, and the type of browser you used while visiting the Site. These “bugs” present as a file object which can be a small image found on a website, email, or other HTML supporting documents.

When a visitor to the Site makes use of the search functionality, Carnation Caskets may note down any identifiable information of the visitor or may connect the visitor with the search they have made on the Site. Carnation Caskets may document the data of a select number of search requests to help inform any technical problems that might occur. This data will also be used to calculate the general usage statistics of visitors to the Site.

Use of Personal Data Collected

There are a variety of ways in which the personal data collected by Carnation Caskets may be used. This includes, feature development, to enhance future content, marketing, and promotional purposes, fulfilment of a requested transaction, book keeping purposes, for marketing and promotional purposes, to analyze the behavioral trends of visitors or to personalize the content and design of the Site. The aggregated data gleaned from visitors’ home servers may be used by Carnation Caskets. Individually identifying information that has been willing disclosed such as names, and e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information may be integrated into Carnation Caskets’ database and utilized for future promotional calls and mailings. Personal information provided may also be used to contact Site visitors regarding the status of their account and if any changes to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement, Terms of Use, and any other policies or agreements pertinent to Site visitors, should occur.

Carnation Caskets may also share information gathered from the visitor through the Site to: i) comply with applicable law ii) answer any government inquiries iii) safeguard the rights or property of Carnation Caskets or individuals that have visited the Site.

Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

Carnation Caskets may accumulate data on visitors’ home servers. The aggregated data gathered from visitors’ home servers may be used by Carnation Caskets. Information unique to individuals which has been willing disclosed such as names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers may be stored. This information may be revealed to or shared with any external party with which Carnation Caskets has entered into a corporate transaction. This may include a merger, consolidation, acquisition, or asset purchase. Carnation Caskets is legally obligated to hand over personal data in the event of a court order, subpoena, or any other kind of legal proceedings brought about by a request from government agencies on a local, state, or federal level. Carnation Caskets also reserves the right to use its discretion when revealing or circulating personal data on the grounds of protecting the longevity, reputation, and property of Carnation Caskets or any other person or entity.

Although all efforts will be made to ensure that all personal data shared with, sold to, or rented to any third party by Carnation Caskets is used only for the reason the data was shared, these third parties are separate entities which Carnation Caskets has no control over. If a third party is to break its contractual agreement, Carnation Caskets is not responsible for how they handle personal data shared with them or the consequences that may arise if they choose not to honor their contractual agreement. There may be links to other World Wide Web sites or advertisements placed by third parties on this Site. Carnation Caskets holds no responsibility for the privacy policies of other websites and advertisements placed on the Site. The aforementioned websites and advertisements may be used by third parties to collect the personal information of the individuals who visit these sites. Carnation Caskets accepts no responsibility for what might be done with this information. It is the visitor’s discretion whether or not they choose to visit a third party site. It is also their responsibility to peruse and understand the privacy statement of other websites, advertisers, and third parties.

Right to Change Privacy Statement

Carnation Caskets reserves the right to alter this Privacy Statement at any time. The new Privacy Statement will replace all prior versions. If any changes are made, notice and the location of the new or amended statement will be put up on the Site for a minimum of 60 days after the changes have been implemented. The onus is on returning visitors to the Site to check if any changes have been made to the Privacy Statement since their last visit. Carnation Caskets encourages the visitor to regularly check the Privacy Statement to be informed of how Carnation is dedicated to protecting your privacy and constantly strives to create the best experience possible for you on our Site. This Privacy Statement will come into effect for any visitor who has used the Site before changes were implemented. 

This Privacy Statement was originally effective Aug, 2020, as amended Sep, 2020.